Gracen Turns TWO!

Meet my little spitfire niece Gracen.  She has such a fun, adorable, vibrant personality and thankfully so.  She’s one of 6 children so her personality has to stand out!  She came screaming into this world two years ago today on July 3rd (so close to Independence Day) so it was only fitting to take her 2nd Birthday Photos in Red, White and TWO! (Thanks Erin Daniels Photography + Pinterest for the idea! )  🙂



And the invitation to her birthday party!!  Made by me! 🙂


Adrianna | Newborn

This tiny love was born 3 weeks early weighing in under 6 pounds. I have been eagerly anticipating her arrival for months now.  She made her way into this world on her own terms and thats exactly the way her shoot went.  She was such a pleasure to work with and I cant wait to see her again!


Brianne + Ben | Engaged!

I just loved this session! I met Brianne Bass at our old watering hole years ago and we have kept in touch since. Within minutes of meeting her fiance Ben, you could tell these two were meant to be together. They were so fun and giggly and I just love that! Brianne suggested we go to the Pagoda in Downtown Norfolk and I was so excited because I had never shot there before. We ended wandering off and found several other quaint shoot spots along the way. I had such a great time with these two and seeing as though we are practically neighbors, I look forward to seeing them again in the future!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Jenn + Sean | Married!

I was over the moon excited to photograph the intimate wedding ceremony of Jennifer and Sean on a vinyard in Charlottesville, VA this month! The setting was perfect, the couple was perfect, the weather was perfect! Honestly, it was nothing short of perfect. If I was to do it all over again, this is exactly what I would have done. Thank you Jenn and Sean for allowing me to be a part of your amazingly perfect day!! 🙂


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Whitley-Ray | Family

Blair is one of the best gals I know.  We go back to the days of living free, childless, all night boozing, and working our tushies off together in the gym.  We have  been there for each other through wedding festivities, buying our first homes (she was my realtor with Rose and Womble ❤ ), and now beginning our journeys together through motherhood.  Im so happy she asked me to photograph her family and even happier to call her my friend.

Our session was held at her families gorgeous home on the water in Sandbridge.  We battled pretty harsh lighting at first as the sun was setting and shade was no where in sight but the brightest part of these photos comes from her baby boy James gigantic smile. ❤ ❤  SUCH a happy baby.  I could just eat him up!  I love these peeps! 🙂











Jack & Gracen | Spring 2013

What can I say, yesterday was a beautiful day!  I very rarely get a chance to do a photo session of my little guy anymore because he wont stand still long enough to snap a photo.  So I called my sister for back up and we took our littles to the park for an impromptu session! I  ❤ these two!


2013-04-28_0012 2013-04-28_0011 2013-04-28_0010 2013-04-28_0009 2013-04-28_0008

2013-04-28_0013 2013-04-28_0007 2013-04-28_0006 2013-04-28_0005 2013-04-28_0004 2013-04-28_0003 2013-04-28_0002

And lastly, the only reason THEY wanted to go to the park….the SWINGS! 🙂


Gregory | Virginia Beach Maternity Photographer

Well Y’all know I love this couple.  Ive only said it a thousand times!!  I like to call myself their “life” photographer.  🙂 I have shot their engagements, wedding, baby shower and now maternity photos.  They put so much faith in me when I just just dipping my toes into this big photography world and I am forever grateful for them.

I know it seems like I practically live at Redwing Park these days but the scenery there is so pretty and my clients love it, thats all that matters right :).  I love this place.

Thanks so much ‘Roz’ and ‘Ant’ for allowing me to photograph your maternity photos!!  I can not wait to meet baby A!!!!  🙂

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Seashore State Park | Model Shoot

I have to say, a model shoot like this was completely out of my element but boy did I LOVE it!!  I owe this experience to our beautiful model Amy and of course Nicole Gridley of Nicole Jean Photography (Go LIKE her FB page).  You see, that evenings photography play date had been planned for quite some time with a group of great gals in the photography industry who I also like to call friends 🙂  Unfortunately, due to bad weather the previous day causing sessions to be rescheduled, several of the girls had to cancel.  In the end, it was just Nicole and I but thats ok, we were excited to get out and shoot!  Nicole is a member of a Facebook photography group where she met Amy who had her hair and makeup done for a Pin-up style shoot that afternoon.  Unfortunately the photographer scheduled for Amy’s shoot fell sick that day, so she was all dressed up with no photographer.  Well hello there! 🙂  We invited her to come along with us and it was history from there. 🙂  I hope you enjoy!


And Miss Nicole Jean herself.  Do your thang girl ;)

And Miss Nicole Jean herself. Do your thang girl 😉

My very first blog post!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! 🙂  My very first blog post!  I purchased this domain and joined WordPress over 2 weeks ago but have been too nervous to take the first steps…until tonight (thanks to my gal pal for encouraging me;) ).  Blogging makes me one nervous gal.  I have no clue why but the thought of pouring my thoughts into text for the world to see just plain scares me.  Dont even get me stated on public speaking!  Eeek!!  Im am hoping this will help me overcome that.
Well, here I am!  And Im so looking forward to getting this little blog of mine up and running by committing to blog at least twice a month….baby steps ya”ll!  😉  Id like to eventually blog once a week.  Im looking forward to sharing in this photography journey of mine with everyone willing to listen and follow!!
❤ Heather