Gracen Turns TWO!

Meet my little spitfire niece Gracen.  She has such a fun, adorable, vibrant personality and thankfully so.  She’s one of 6 children so her personality has to stand out!  She came screaming into this world two years ago today on July 3rd (so close to Independence Day) so it was only fitting to take her 2nd […]

Jenn + Sean | Married!

I was over the moon excited to photograph the intimate wedding ceremony of Jennifer and Sean on a vinyard in Charlottesville, VA this month! The setting was perfect, the couple was perfect, the weather was perfect! Honestly, it was nothing short of perfect. If I was to do it all over again, this is exactly […]

Whitley-Ray | Family

Blair is one of the best gals I know.  We go back to the days of living free, childless, all night boozing, and working our tushies off together in the gym.  We have  been there for each other through wedding festivities, buying our first homes (she was my realtor with Rose and Womble ❤ ), and now beginning our journeys […]

My very first blog post!!!!!

Oh my goodness!!! 🙂  My very first blog post!  I purchased this domain and joined WordPress over 2 weeks ago but have been too nervous to take the first steps…until tonight (thanks to my gal pal for encouraging me;) ).  Blogging makes me one nervous gal.  I have no clue why but the thought of […]