Miles-Hancock | Family

I got to run around in the forrest with this fun family on a dark, cloudy, misty evening in July. Thankfully, I had a couple of superhero’s on my side to ward off any bad guys. 🙂

Im so glad I got the chance to get to know this family.  These two boys are cousins who spent the summer together with their grandmother from out West.  They had a blast together jumping around in capes and flying airplanes at the park.   I just know they cant wait too all see each other again and I hope I get to see them again too! 🙂


Miles-Hancock _ Family043 copy_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family042 copy_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family030_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family031 copy_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family027 copy_Stomp Miles-Handcock | Family_0011_Stomp Miles-Handcock | Family_0026_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family010 copy_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0093_StompMiles-Hancock _ Family051 copy_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0258_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0269_StompMiles-Hancock _ Family060 copy_StompMiles-Hancock _ Family080 copy_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0332_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0322_StompMiles-Hancock _ Family100 copy_Stomp

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