Betancourt-Kimmins | Maternity

Another couple that continuously puts faith in me and my passion! The sun was out all day until of course an hour before our planned session. Figures!  But thats ok, we didnt let a few clouds and rain get us down.   I love how their maternity photos turned out and I cant wait to meet baby Drew this summer!!



2013-04-29_0018 2013-04-29_0017 2013-04-29_0016 2013-04-29_0015 2013-04-29_0013 2013-04-29_0012 2013-04-29_0011 2013-04-29_0010 2013-04-29_0009 2013-04-29_0008 2013-04-29_0007


2013-04-29_0006 2013-04-29_0005 2013-04-29_0004 2013-04-29_0003 2013-04-29_0002 2013-04-29_0001

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