Seashore State Park | Model Shoot

I have to say, a model shoot like this was completely out of my element but boy did I LOVE it!!  I owe this experience to our beautiful model Amy and of course Nicole Gridley of Nicole Jean Photography (Go LIKE her FB page).  You see, that evenings photography play date had been planned for quite some time with a group of great gals in the photography industry who I also like to call friends 🙂  Unfortunately, due to bad weather the previous day causing sessions to be rescheduled, several of the girls had to cancel.  In the end, it was just Nicole and I but thats ok, we were excited to get out and shoot!  Nicole is a member of a Facebook photography group where she met Amy who had her hair and makeup done for a Pin-up style shoot that afternoon.  Unfortunately the photographer scheduled for Amy’s shoot fell sick that day, so she was all dressed up with no photographer.  Well hello there! 🙂  We invited her to come along with us and it was history from there. 🙂  I hope you enjoy!


And Miss Nicole Jean herself.  Do your thang girl ;)

And Miss Nicole Jean herself. Do your thang girl 😉

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