Katie + Colin | Married

Katie + Colin were married on the beach in my most favorite OBX town of Corolla. ❤  I met these two over coffee in a Starbucks last winter (thanks to a wonderful friend for the referral!!).  Our first meeting actually had to be rescheduled due to being snowed in.  I knew as soon as I met them that were going to be the perfect couple for me. 🙂

When we got together for their engagement session in the Spring (Which I still have to blog but you can find some of that HERE!  Im terrible y’all!) I was able to see just how incredibly in love they were.  I hardly have to pose these two!  They are just so flirty and sweet with each other it was as if I wasn’t even there!  A true photographers dream!

Their wedding was so beautiful and so much fun.  I mean they had an ice cream bar for goodness sakes!  If you know me you know that’s one way to my heart. 🙂  Tons of hard work went into making this day perfect by their friends and families.  Katie’s father catered all the food and this food was AMAZING!!  Her Uncle was their officiant and her Aunt did a tremendous job coordinating everything.  The crowd was a party and the energy was awesome!  These two are so lucky to be surrounded by so many great friends and family and even luckier to have each other!!

Of course I could not have done this all without my partner in crime Danielle Cote Photography for second shooting with me.  She takes the stress of being “in more than one place at one time” away!  This day went seamless and I could not have done it without her! ❤

Dress: Blush Bridal 

Hair & MUA – Christiano Cole

DJ: Barryoke Karaoke Entertainment

Beach Chairs: I Do OBX Chairs

Lighting: Blue Steel Lighting

Invitations: Summer Raine

Florals: Harris Teeter

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Cat + Kevin | Married!

I cannot say enough about these two….or should I say three! 🙂  

Cat + Kevin are so sweet and in love.  They made my “job” so easy!  I was over the moon when Cat asked me to photograph their small intimate wedding.  After chatting with her over email back and forth and eventually meeting her, Kevin and Gracyn for their family session last month, I knew they were the perfect couple for me and for each other.  I mean, look at them!  Both lovers of coffee (which you can see for yourself). Cat is a photographer (a girl after my own heart) and Kevin is a Graphic Designer who is ridiculously talented.  In fact, as I walked into their home the day of the wedding, I immediately took notice to all the adorable DIY details put into this day, and as I was telling Cat what an amazing job she did, she looked at me and said “Oh girl, I didn’t do any of this, Kevin did everything” and laughed.  What a guy!!  

And lets not forget Gracyn.  She is the center of their world and they made sure she knew that as they came together in marriage, it was not only Cat + Kevin coming together, its was the three of them coming together as a family.  Gracyn got her own cake to cut (Yum!) and was gifted a beautiful bracelet by both of them.  It was so sweet!

I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed being a part of their day!



Bri + Ben | Married!

To say we had our share of challenges on Bri + Ben’s wedding day would be an understatement.  Their beautifully fall styled wedding was to take place on the grounds of the Cypress Point Country Club.  Unfortunately the weather had a different plan.  The sky just fell out and dumped rain throughout the region for a full week to include their wedding day causing the ceremony to be held indoors.

They had planned for their beloved Bulldogs Meast and Linus to introduce them down the aisle, however since the ceremony had to be indoors, the pooches were not allowed.  😦

With all the shifting in plans and getting ready, the ceremony began and hour later than planned causing us to completely lose light on an already dark gray day which meant no beautiful outdoor portraits. 😦 😦 😦

I have never seen a couple take so many challenges in such stride.  Bri + Ben didn’t skip a beat and went on to enjoy their wedding day with all of their guests.

But dont think it ends there!  I just cant allow a Bride and Groom walk away without great portraits of their wedding.  I am so thankful Bri + Be allowed me to arrange a “do over”.  🙂  On a beautiful and unusually warm day in November, we met back at the same location they were married and rocked out some gorgeous portraits of these two newlyweds.  We could not have asked for a better day!  Not to mention we were able to incorporate the pups!! ❤

I could not have pulled this off without the amazing talent and kind hearts behind C&J Floral Design (https://www.facebook.com/CJFloralDesign) for recreating the bridal bouquet and boutonniere.  They were not the floral vendor for Bri + Ben’s actual wedding (which was Palette of Petals), but they did an amazing job at recreating these for us and way to be there for a girl when she’s calls in a favor!!  Seriously these two stop at nothing to go above and beyond for ALL their brides and vendors.  Love them!!!

I also could not have pulled off the actual wedding day without my right hand (wo)man…my partner in crime, Danielle Cote Photography.  Seriously love this lady! ❤

Congrats to Bri + Ben!!  These two are such a match made in heaven.

Bri + Ben _ Getting Ready021 copy 2_StompBri + Ben _ Details007 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Getting Ready018 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details018 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details019 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details040 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details078 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details029 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details068 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details045 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details031 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details060 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Getting Ready014 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details090 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details075 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Getting Ready050 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Getting Ready064 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Getting Ready060 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Getting Ready036 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Getting Ready077 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details048 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details050 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Ceremony057 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Ceremony020 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Reception020 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Details056 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Reception034 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Reception163 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Reception187 copy_StompBri + Ben _ Reception135 copy 2_StompBri + Ben _ Reception193 copy 2_Stomp

And here a few photos from our Reshoot!  I know Ive said it already but we could not have asked for a better day!!

Bri + Ben | Bridals_0003 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0023 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0028 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0070 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0051 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0107 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0118 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0135 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0159 copy_Stomp Bri + Ben | Bridals_0169 copy_Stomp Bri + Ben | Bridals_0218 copy 2_Stomp Bri + Ben | Bridals_0195 copy_StompBri + Ben | Bridals_0225 copy_Stomp

Venue – Cypress Point Country Club

Dress – Pure English

Wedding Day Florals (Bouquet, Boutonniere, flower girl headpeice, and Centerpieces) – Palette of Petals

Reshoot florals (Bouquet and Boutonniere) – C&J Floral Designs

Makridakis-Howlin | Family

I was SO happy the rain held off for this family session a few weeks ago on the beach!! I photographed little Christopher when he was just weeks old and my how he has grown! What a cutie!

I love how much love shines through these images.  Whether it be with little Christopher, amongst siblings, parents, and spouses.  I hope John and I look as in love years down the road as Marina’s parents do here. ❤ <3.  This family was just so sweet and playful (which I adore!). I seriously loved every minute of this session and Im so thankful they chose me to document their family.

Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0019 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0022 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0030 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0031 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0039 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0052 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0090 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0105 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0116-2 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0129 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0153 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0161_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0170 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0183 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0201 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0212_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0220 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0235 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0259 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0262 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0280 copy_Stomp Makridakis-Howlin | Family_0305_Stomp




Pierce | Family

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the Pierce Family! You cant tell by how great they all looked, but it was a HOT day! Probably one of the hottest Ive photographed in. They were such troopers and such a sweet family and I hope to get the opportunity to photograph them again someday. ♥

2013-08-17_0001 2013-08-17_0002 2013-08-17_0003 2013-08-17_0004 2013-08-17_0005 2013-08-17_0006 2013-08-17_0007 2013-08-17_0008 2013-08-17_0009 2013-08-17_0010 2013-08-17_0011 2013-08-17_0012 2013-08-17_0013 2013-08-17_0014 2013-08-17_0015 2013-08-17_0016 2013-08-17_0017 2013-08-17_0018 2013-08-17_0019 2013-08-17_0020

Zafra | Family

I met Kristy through one of my loyalest clients/friends as she was the hair stylist for her wedding I was shooting.  She was so sweet and a pleasure to work with.  I was so honored when she asked me to photograph her family (pooch Roxie included) at the beach this past summer.

Their family was so sweet !  Just look how adorable their children are!  And lets not forget sweet Roxie!  She was such a well behaved pup.  Have I mentioned how much I love when families incorporate their fur babies in their family photos!?! 🙂

Thanks so much guys for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family!

Zafra | Family_0028_Stomp Zafra | Family_0032 copy_StompZafra | Family_0056_StompZafra | Family_0061_StompZafra | Family_0066_Stomp Zafra | Family_0072 copy_StompZafra | Family_0087_Stomp Zafra | Family_0091 copy_Stomp Zafra | Family_0100_Stomp Zafra | Family_0105_StompZafra | Family_0108_StompZafra | Family_0109_Stomp Zafra | Family_0125_Stomp Zafra | Family_0127 copy_Stomp Zafra | Family_0130_Stomp Zafra | Family_0137_Stomp Zafra | Family_0139_Stomp

Miles-Hancock | Family

I got to run around in the forrest with this fun family on a dark, cloudy, misty evening in July. Thankfully, I had a couple of superhero’s on my side to ward off any bad guys. 🙂

Im so glad I got the chance to get to know this family.  These two boys are cousins who spent the summer together with their grandmother from out West.  They had a blast together jumping around in capes and flying airplanes at the park.   I just know they cant wait too all see each other again and I hope I get to see them again too! 🙂


Miles-Hancock _ Family043 copy_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family042 copy_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family030_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family031 copy_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family027 copy_Stomp Miles-Handcock | Family_0011_Stomp Miles-Handcock | Family_0026_Stomp Miles-Hancock _ Family010 copy_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0093_StompMiles-Hancock _ Family051 copy_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0258_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0269_StompMiles-Hancock _ Family060 copy_StompMiles-Hancock _ Family080 copy_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0332_StompMiles-Handcock | Family_0322_StompMiles-Hancock _ Family100 copy_Stomp

Laila | Newborn

Little Miss Laila did not want to miss one minute of her photo session which is why she chose to give us just a short 30 minutes of sleep during her 4 hour shoot.  Thankfully it only takes a second to snap a photo and in the end, Im in love with the way they came out.  Isn’t she just the most beautiful baby girl?!  Gah!!!  I really need one of these! ❤









Luke Turns ONE!

I had the pleasure of photographing little Luke and his big sis Caylee when he was still such a tiny little guy last holiday season for my Holiday Mini Sessions.  This time, it was all about him as he leaps into toddlerhood!  He was just the perfect little model for me as we chased him all around the carnival with Popcorn and bubbles. 🙂  Happy 1st Birthday Luke!